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Fast, Reliable, & Easy Web Hosting

NSI WEB's state of the art Data Centers can guarantee your website 24hr. availability to your customers.  Our full suite of hosting plans offer complete scalable flexibility:

  • Virtual Hosting satisfies any site with the need for a reliable shared web server and unlimited growth potential.

  • Dedicated Hosting gives the webmaster sole access and control to their own high-end server built by our networking professionals.
  • Co-Location is perfect for Internet media professionals who demand a secure and reliable environment to house their client owned servers.
  • Real Servers solutions will stream live or archived media content effortlessly
  • Chat & Forums creates a powerful live community in your website.
  • Registered Web Presence Provider for Microsoft FrontPage 2000.
Webcasting - The next mass media

Professional Web DesignThere are millions you could be reaching out to LIVE, anywhere in the world. Right now!!! What if you could broadcast to your audience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and create a multimedia extension of your real time communications strategy online. - This is Webcasting - the next mass media. Reach your target audience like never before. Reach out with LIVE MEDIA HOSTING ---- A whole New Web of possibilities.

Resellers Wanted Online Web Training

You can profit simply by referring new clients who are in need of our broad array of web services. It has never been easier to increase your revenue.

Easy and powerful comprehensive training at your fingertips anytime and anywhere.  Over 360 courses online for you to utilize and improve your technical knowledge to improve your career choices. Have access to it all for as little as .25 cents a day! 
Internet Access
Digital Subscriber LineOrder your Flash DSL connection today! Enjoy ultra high speed access without the high costs. Check your area for DSL availability.
56K & ISDN Access
With state of the art V.90 technology in our national digital modem network, NSI WEB delivers the highest possible 56K & ISDN connection speeds.

Chat & Forums
Add real live interactive Chat and Forums to your web site. Our chat offers full Java, Javalight and HTML interfaces. The administrative login feature allows you to quickly manage your cyber community.

Streaming Guide

Get your Free  Streaming Media Guide.  Everything you need to know about Streaming Media.  

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